Godmonster of Indian Flats (AGFA/Something Weird)

Classy, thought provoking, Oscar winning, superb performances- none of these words, can be used in the following review, it’s just not possible. But that’s not to say there’s nothing to enjoy about Godmonster of Indian Flats. It’s one of those Sunday afternoon, turn your brain off because you don’t need to think sort of movies. Apparently unseen since it was initially dusted off in the late 90’s for a DVD release and before that its initial and I imagine-very limited cinema run in the early 70’s, Godmonster,is now available on Blu-Ray for the first time.

So with all expectation out of the way, what you get is 89 minutes of 70’s Z-movie indulgence and if that’s your thing then read on. A nowhere town, left over from frontier times is the location for an outbreak of mammoth proportions when local sheep farmer discovers a sheep foetus that has been exposed to poisonous gases from a local cave, where local legend has it that a creature once lived. The foetus is immediately taken to a lab by scientists, where it mutates further into an (ahem) giant killer sheep, causing destruction to the small town from whence it came. Like I said, brain work not needed, just enjoy the ride.

Yes the acting is terrible and yes the storyline is awful, so you think the special effects must be okay then right? Wrong, they are terrible too, but that’s the beauty of this movie it showcases a director, in this case Frederic C. Hobbs, with absolutely no budget, just a crazy desire to see his vision on screen and for that he deserves all the applause in the world. AGFA (American Genre Film Archive) and Something Weird should be commended for rescuing movies like this from obscurity, if only to remind the little guys, that you don’t need Hollywood behind you to make a fun movie… Chris Andrews

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