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Gimp Fist - Blood (Sunny Bastards) - Mass Movement

Gimp Fist – Blood (Sunny Bastards)

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Just in time for Rebellion 2019, we have the latest offering from what must be the world’s most productive streetpunk band, Gimp Fist. Their new album Blood contains no less than 16 new tunes which are destined to become solid faves with their fans old and new from the word go. Their speciality is bashing out catchy 3 minute punk rock songs, built around a strong chorus. The singalong factor is strong in this one!

Much like the late, great and sadly missed The Business, Gimp Fist are not afraid to break out the acoustic guitar if the song calls for it, such as on the title song. That does not mean they are moving into ballad territory, but helps get their roots and boots message across in a slightly different way. This time around there are no ska songs on the album, but a whole crop of solid punk rock songs designed to lodge themselves in your brain with no chance of you shaking them loose. Tom Chapman

One comment to “Gimp Fist – Blood (Sunny Bastards)”
  1. Saw them live at the Globe Newcastle last night.
    Played some tracks from the new album and sounded class.
    They never fail to impress and are as good live as they are in the studio.
    “Skinhead not Bonehead”

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