Kid Klumsy – Singing Our Souls MCD (STP)

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This is the second official release from Kid Klumsy and it builds significantly on their debut EP. For those of you not in the know, singer Weab spent years perfoming vocal duties for the massively popular Dirt Box Disco but in recent times he has parted company with DBD, I can only assume to concentrate on his new baby, Kid Klumsy. So comparisons are going to be inevitable as – unlike other musicians – you only get one set of vocal chords, and once you open that gob and start hollering, if you’ve got a recognisable singing voice, people are going to pick up on that.

Kid Klumsy have a solid, slightly metallic pop-punk sound and they excel at banging out catchy little numbers and this six song EP doesn’t have a duff tune in the mix. The vocals are supported by some catchy twin guitar segments which help keep you engaged and give the songs depth. Now of course whilst I talk about “depth” and “engagement” you might be getting worried that Weab has gone all philosophical on us! Well fear not listeners, the lyrics are still straight out of the school yard and proud of it – my favourite lines have to be “Would you like to see my tattoo, I’d rather stick my head down the loo”. 20 minutes of good, unclean fun. Tom Chapman

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