Gilby Clarke – Rock ‘N’ Roll is Getting Louder (Golden Robot Records)

I have this mate called Aardvark and he owned 1994’s Pawnshop Guitars, the debut album from Gilby Clarke. Man, he played that disc to death as we drank and smoked ourselves silly in his bedroom. As well as his own material which featured Black Francis and the cast of his former band, Guns N’ Roses (you may have heard of them), Mr. Clarke instantly earned my respect with covers of The Rolling Stones’ Dead Flowers and The Clash’s Jail Guitar Doors; both killer cuts by the way. That sort of sums Gilby up to me. A swashbuckling hybrid of bluesy, ragtag rock ‘n’ roll with a whole lotta punk rock spirit. And that’s where I left Gilby Clarke until now. Yes, shame on me. Enter the Gibson Les Paul slinger with brand spanking new single Rock ‘N’ Roll is Getting Louder, his first new solo material since 2001’s Swag.

With a fuzzy bass and guitars panning left and right, the single smacks you with a right royal kick up the backside. Gilby has always been a cool motherfucker and his charm hits like Captain Jack Sparrow on a rum fuelled adventure with Johnny Thunders. With namechecks for Mötorhead, Keith Richards, Frank (and/or Nancy) Sinatra, and Jesus Christ, Rock ‘N’ Roll is Getting Louder is a teasing stomper of a track which sets us up neatly for a new album release. Oh, and there’s cowbell. Everyone knows you need more cowbell.

Gilby Clarke is officially back, folks. Buckle up fellow pirate loving rock ‘n’ rollers, for the ship is set to sail the seas once more. Ginge Knievil

Grab the single on iTunes here.


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