Get Some – Freaky, Filthy, Frustrated (WTF Records)

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If you’ve ever wondered what Sick Of It All would have sounded like if they’d emerged from the late eighties Boston scene instead of New York and had spent their youths listening to UK bands like Ad Nauseam, from the same era, then wonder no more. They’d have sounded exactly like Get Some, who sound even better in the real world than they ever did in your imagination. And by yours, I of course mean mine, because that’s exactly the kind of stuff that I waste hours and hours dreaming about.  Get Some are like a rabid hybrid of Slapshot and SOIA and hammer the five tracks on this mini-album (are mini-albums even a thing anymore? Would that make this an EP the? Okay then, let’s go with EP) home with so much sing-a-long infused brute force, that you’ll swear you’ve known, and have been chanting the choruses, on Freaky, Filthy, Frustrated for your entire life, as just like long time, best friends they’re easy, welcoming and incredibly enjoyable to be around. Damn, these guys, and this record, are good. So what are you waiting for?  Go Get Some…  Tim Cundle

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