Superhero Status – Escape the Herd (WTF Records)

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You know those records that you stumble across every now and then that, from the moment you drop the needle on them, make you want to slam your guys out and sing-a-long until your heart explodes? You do? Good. Escape the Herd is one of those records.  Fusing the groove heavy tunes of Underdog with the slowly boiling fury and explosive anger of No For An Answer, the unbridled energy of H2O and the infectious, burrow into your brain melodic HC of Ignite and Uniform Choice, Superhero Status are one of those bands who appear from out of nowhere and leap straight to the top of your favourite daily playlists. Escape the Herd, if there’s any justice in the world (and I’m not referring to type that Agnostic Front sing about, which you know, is pretty cool but not really applicable here), is one of those records that we’ll all be talking about in twenty years’ time in much the same way as we still endlessly and excitedly yammer on about Call On My Brothers and H20. Seriously. I shit you not.  Escape the Herd really is that good… Tim Cundle

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