From the Vault… Hoax T. Massacre

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When I first met Hoax T. Massacre he was the bass player/vocalist for Georgia horror-punk band Fifty Two Ways. It was 2014 and his band had just opened for Doyle (the band) at legendary Atlanta venue The Masquerade. I followed them backstage and took a couple of pictures because that’s what one does with great bands. After I returned home to Florida I kept in touch with Hoax and his bandmates. As happens, Fifty Two Ways spilt up and the members joined other groups; except for Hoax. Hoax joined up with National Championship Wrestling. What the ever loving fuck?? I’m just kidding everybody, nobody needs to get butt-hurt. Hoax is out there having a ton of fun as the creepy wrestler using all of the cliché horror themes to have a great time while entertaining lots of fans. Okay, he looks weird, but that’s not just the tights…

 Interview by Jim Dodge


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