Freebase – Darker Days Are Still To Come


Freebase – Darker Days Are Still To Come CD (Mosh Tuneage)

The album title is a chilling insight into the direction in which modern society is heading, and musically Freebase provide the soundtrack to that bleak outlook with a hard, dry, negative sound. This album compiles recordings from a couple of sessions and the sound varies a little – although that in no way means that any sound better or worse than the rest, this works more as a compilation of recent Freebase recordings rather than a new album. Boundaries between metal and hardcore are more than blurred on here, as rock solid riffing and guttural vocals are backed with pounding double bass drums and it is delivered with a machine-like precision. There are covers of Sepultura and Biohazard on here and that really provides the ideal description, although this is also highly reminiscent of Life\’s A Gamble…  era Rykers. Freebase easily swing from heads down thrash through breakdowns to chugging mid-paced mosh with gang vocals, before kicking back into top gear with blistering guitar solos. This disc brings together 12 songs of extreme sounds for extreme conditions and the band knocks it out beautifully. Tom Chapman


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