Sherlock Holmes and the Necronomicon

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Sherlock Holmes and the Necronomicon

Sherlock Holmes and the Necronomicon – Sylvain Cordurie & Laci (Dark Horse Books)

Being a devotee of both Conan- Doyle and Lovecraft, and having previously stumbled across, and eagerly devoured, ‘Shadows Over Baker Street’ my curiosity regarding what would happen if Holmes had crossed paths with The Great Old Ones had been somewhat sated. However, the problem with being exposed to such a glorious literary collision is that once I’d sampled its dark pleasures, I was left desperately wanting more.  Which was something of a problem as it seemed that ‘Shadows…’ was a solitary expedition into hitherto unexplored realms. Or at least, it was until now, as Sylvain Cordurie and Laci return to Holmes’ world, where following his “death” at Reichenbach, and in the aftermath of his showdown with the Vampire Lord (in ‘The Vampires of London’), he has set his mind to travelling. While journeying through the North, Holmes has a particularly chilling experience; one that begins an impulse to return to London and one of the most terrifying and deadly, adventures of his long and illustrious career.

Back in London, Holmes is drawn toward a series of particularly gruesome murders whose perpetrator is soon revealed to be his old nemesis, James Moriarty. Far from having died in his confrontation with Sherlock at the Falls, Moriarty, through the use of malefactory magic, hid a little of himself, a small part of his soul, in the deepest part of Holmes’ mind and now, resurrected, is determined to get it back. However, the only way he can be whole again is through the use of incantations found only in that blackest of books, The Necronomicon. Thus begins an unparalleled mystery in which psychics, ancient gods, royalty, millennia old sorcerous family lines and old advesaries battle for control of London, the Empire and the World. Cordurie’s story of a parallel version of Holmes history is a frantically paced, involving take of conspiracy, magic, secrets, lies and monsters that’s immediately engaging and full of incredibly well realised characters; while Laci’s artwork is gorgeous, dripping in detail and wondrous to behold. This may not be the Holmes I know, but his spirit, his thirst for knowledge, his insatiable curiosity and commitment to justice are the same and provide the armour and shield he needs to once again do battle with the forces of evil and darkness. Ia! Ia! Holmes fhtagn! Tim Mass Movement

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