Exhumed – Gore Metal Redux: A Necrospective

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Exhumed – Gore Metal Redux: A Necrospective CD (Relapse)
Originally released in 1998 this debut album still sounds crushingly devastating and a real adrenalin shot for the world of death metal – totally OTT with the slasher film imagery, the grotesquely brutal lyrical content, and the solid ferocity of musicianship. Without losing any of the original intensity, the Californian lords of filth have completely re-recorded the content and drastically increased it’s impact utilising millennium production methods, hence creating an even more prolific beast. Encompassing profanities and risqué topics, Exhumed are not a band for the weak hearted or PC conscious. Just think the best parts of Carcass, early Entombed, and classic Napalm Death and you are heading down the right path sound wise. A truly deep guitar resonance, guttural vocals, and lightning speed rhythms make ‘Gore Metal’ a must have for fans of extreme metal. Mark Freebase

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