U.F.O. – A Conspiracy Of Stars


U.F.O. – A Conspiracy Of Stars CD (Steamhammer/SPV)
Serving up eleven new tracks (if you get the digipak version) here’s another helping from the stalwarts of British metal/rock. U.F.O.’s twenty second studio offering is pleasingly stacked with an array of meaty tunes. Prominently delivering a strong vocal performance from famed frontman Phil Mogg, this blue collar – no messin’ rocker delivers some solid, stern words. Vinnie Moore is no longer the ‘new boy’ and once again lays down a collection of tasty riffs and licks any long-term fan of the band (or new comer) can really relate to. There is a welcomed hard edge with ‘The Killing Kind’ and ‘Run Boy Run’ this asserts the band as bolstering metal tinged heavy rockers no two ways about it. ‘Ballad Of The Left Hand Gun’ is far from what the title suggests, but those wanting a little more blues based feel will find solace in ‘Devils In The Detail’. A definitive U.F.O. stronghold… a definitive U.F.O. feel, but ‘A Conspiracy Of Stars’ thankfully steps up to a modern day feel of classic! Mark Freebase

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