Evil Invaders – Pulses Of Pleasure


Evil Invaders – Pulses Of Pleasure CD (Napalm)
A slew of high-octane speed metal… old school screeching vocals, singing not grunting, topped with lightning speed riffs – Evil Invaders know how to thrash! ‘Pulses…’ is a total homage to the old school, but this is bought completely up to date and given a real boost by today’s production capabilities, something that we weren’t aware of in the 80’s. With Evil Invaders you get the complete package – the artwork, the song titles, the logo, the band image, and the music; all rolled into one big sounding eight track (and one intro) album. This Belgium based headbanging machine does not fuck around, they go straight for the throat and deliver a passion filled record of aggressive vocals, and razor sharp musicianship, fans of Exodus, Sabbat, and (early) Agent Steel will really relate to this band. Old schoolers (like myself) that connected with early gems ‘Show No Mercy’, ‘Kill ‘em All’ ‘Bonded By Blood’ and ‘Unstoppable Force’ will relate to the sounds without a doubt. ‘Pulses Of Pleasure’ manages to capture all the classic feel of nostalgia, yet without becoming cheesy. There have been many claims to be ahead of the pack in the new wave of thrash, but Evil Invaders are seriously approaching that status. You will be thumping down the replay button – many times! Mark Freebase

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