Evil Invaders – In for the Kill EP (Napalm)

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In those bleak and desperate moments when the world is closing in around you and all seems lost and you need a shot of musical adrenaline just to help you make it through another day, that’s when you should break the glass and hit the button marked Evil Invaders. Guaranteed to cure whatever ails you and lift your spirits in the darkest of hours, these Belgian thrashers go for the throat in a whirlwind of blazing riffs, apocalyptic rhythms and soaring vocals. Like a molten steel fuelled hybrid of Mad Locust Rising era Agent Steel and Kreator circa Flag of Hate, they tear though the four tracks (two new studio tracks and two live favourites) on In for the Kill in lightning quick fashion, leaving a trail of glorious devastation, and happy thrashers, in their wake.  Thrashtacular… Tim Cundle


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