ESE – All In CD (Sudden Death)

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This album is a rollerball of Texan-infused punk-hardcore-rock\’n\’roll. ESE blast through twelve tunes  in a style highly reminiscent of Poison Idea – the barked vocals, tempo swings and blistering musicianship is all present on here. There are also serious hints of Motorhead in the speed and guitar style on offer. No surprise then that when D.O.A. passed through town Joey Shithead snapped these up immediately for release on Sudden Death, which is a strong endorsement in itself. Top it all off with a great production and you have yourselves the makings of a powerful punk/ hardcore cocktail. Served it cold, wash it down with some strong liquor and the hottest sauce you can get your hands on and grab yourselves a piece of the ESE party style. Tom Chapman

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