Escape Elliott – Everything Here Is Make Believe (Engineer Records)

I spend far too much time focussing on the minutia of things. The endless possibilities of the “Wow” signal, the fact that there’s a finite amount of matter in the cosmos which means that each and every one of us is composed of atoms that have been around since the beginning of creation, the interaction of chemical additives in soft drinks and why the noises that my neighbour makes in his attic in the small hours sound like he’s cutting up cadavers, it’s all equally important to me. Or rather, the smallest details are, the ideas that would normally slip between the cracks of the canvas of the big picture, they’re the things that matter to me. They’re the things that make my world tick.

And when I stumbled across multiversal theory nearly three decades ago, I became fascinated with it, but not for the same reasons that most people find solace or comfort in its bosom.  I didn’t, and don’t, care about do overs and the possibility that somewhere beyond the thin veil that separates all realities, I’m drowning in wealth successful, because all that really matters is the here and now, this reality and this existence.  My obsession took on another aspect and drawn to the small things, I began to think about the bands that might be thriving in worlds where anything was possible, where music could take on a multitude of hitherto undreamt of forms.

Which brings us to Escape Elliott, a band who I don’t believe come from the same reality as the rest of us. No band that makes music like this could, because no band from our reality would ever dream of drawing musical inspiration from Muse, Propagandhi and the Lunachicks and no band from our actuality could take those influences and write songs that sound this incredible and instantaneous. Part punk prog, part blistering Hardcore and part heavy rock crafted in the fading days of the Revolution Summer, Escape Elliot not only play songs that make your jaw hit the floor while you simultaneously want to sing along with every word, verse and chorus, but they’ve also discovered the secret to successfully traversing the multiverse which is, all things considered, not too shabby for a punk rock band. I think I may have just discovered one of my newest most favourite bands. Never underestimate the small things… Tim Cundle  

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