Los Pepes – Positive Negative (Spaghetty Town Records / Adrenaline Fix Records / Wanda Records)

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By the time you reach album number four, it’s easy to hate your fellow band members and as a consequence let a substandard LP slip onto the shelves because it sounded great when blasted on Peruvian marching powder. Thing is, no-one told London’s Los Pepes as they’ve arguably released their best album to date. There’s no time for slacking and if it ain’t got a chorus hook to die for then these boys must chuck it straight in the bin. I can imagine a million other bands would give their right bollock for a Los Pepes cast-off.

Still Belongs to Me hurtles out of the traps like the New Bomb Turks never happened. With glorious rock ‘n’ roll hammer-ons and Chuck Berry bends, what follows is an insanely catchy collection of garage punk rock tunes sprinkled with power pop. Let Me Tell You Something oozes Radio Birdman cool and Ain’t Life Easy expels fizzy Briefs meets boogie woogie goodness. Christ, the whole album makes me wanna run around my bedroom in my piss stained pants; living out all my favourite Top of the Pops fantasies in front of the mirror with a hairbrush as a microphone.

If pushed, the penultimate Your Justice currently takes my pick of the bunch, but that’s likely to change in just under three minutes. By the time I got to Action, I was an absolute mess. “I just wanna have a good time” repeats Ben Perrier in a furious D4 take on The Knots’ original. Well, Ben, you just gave this ageing rock ‘n’ roll bellend the sweltering summer ride of his life.

I’ve been fortunate enough to catch Los Pepes a few times in Ol’ London Town and I can confirm that all the live sweaty energy has once again been transferred onto tape with ease. These boys simply knock out a pop tune for fun. Now, if you claim to give a damn about high energy rock ‘n’ roll then get your arse to the nearest (online) shop and pick up this LP. If you don’t, then you’re a dickhead. It really is that good. My copy is currently cooling down in a fireproof filing cabinet labelled “Album of the Year Contenders.” Ginge Knievil

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