Entitled – Confessions of Today

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Entitled – Confessions of Today MCD (Anchored/ Acuity)
Entitled are a Swiss hardcore band and on this EP they bang out a great modern hardcore sound. The band\’s logo and record cover scream \”positive hardcore\” but lyrically they are less upbeat, taking strongly critical, ecological standpoint. Since the outset hardcore and punk bands have used their lyrics as a vehicle to promote change and it\’s good to hear a modern band continuing that tradition. Musically they accompany their words with a powerful sound that has a melancholic touch, in particular \”Manipulated Mass\” stands out, with a great melodic hookline on the guitar. EP closer \”Am Abgrund\” is sung in German bringing to mind bands like Tausend Loewen Unter Feinden or Empowerment. One for fans of Comeback Kid and the like, this has all the elements required – strong songs and a good recording – all the makings of an excellent EP. Tom Chapman

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