End Point – Peter Breakspear (Matador)


Are aliens really monitoring us? Have they always been monitoring us? Did they have a hand in creating us? Author Peter Breakspear uses these questions as the blueprint for his debut sci-fi thriller. Winner of the 2015 Writing Magazine Novel Competition, End Point was swiftly snapped up and published by Matador. And rightly so.

Starting in a Welsh Valley, taking in Ireland, Ethiopia and Mars along the way, the action is fast paced and extremely exciting. Strange objects are appearing all over the world and the government, in all their wisdom, decide that these are a potential threat and need to be destroyed. But can they be destroyed? And have they just appeared, or have they been here all the time? A team of special ops are dispatched to investigate and the more they find, the more questions are posed, questions whose answers may lie with the Ark of the Covenant and may just affect all of mankind.

All sorts of influences came to mind as I was reading this. The pace and location hopping reminded me of The Da Vinci Code while the story itself had elements of the T.V series Lost. There’s also a heavy military theme running throughout the book and I wouldn’t be surprised if the author was a military man, as his knowledge of operations/weaponry is very detailed and convincing which helps draw you into the story. An excellent first novel from Mr Breakspear, I look forward to reading more from him in the future…..Chris Andrews

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