DS-13 – Last Mosh for Charlie: Live in Umea LP (Rotten to the Core)

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I’m one of the lucky ones. I was fortunate enough to see the DS-13 Hardcore hurricane tear a small room in Bristol apart at the turn of the century or so, and Last Mosh for Charlie brought a whole host of incredible memories flooding back in an orgy of blistering, energy packed, full speed ahead Hardcore destruction. This is the sound of the band in their element and at their rawest and is every bit as good as you ever imagined it would be. In fact it’s better. Much, much better. Like Youth of Today having a no-holds barred street fight with Heresy while Out Cold cheer both sides on, DS-13 were, and are, a fire breathing, stage diving, mosh happy Hardcore monster and this record captures every sweat filled ounce of their magnificence. And it’s the whole Enchilada, the big Tamale and the full tin of beans, as you don’t just get an incredible slab of wax included in the package, you also get a download of the record so you can play it on your electronic listening device and you get the full video of the show that you can watch and slam along to and if you use your imagination, and if your telly is big enough, it’s just like being at the show. You don’t want this record. You NEED it*. It’s that simple. Tim Cundle

*And you can order this big, bad slab of HC awesomeness here

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