Drunken Marksman – Decline of Mankind (Not Dead Yet / Blind Destruction / Mass Productions / Armistice)

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This is the mighty fine debut album from South Wales band Drunken Marksman. They feature ex-members of Classified Protest, Rectify and This System Kills and that was enough for me to keep close tabs on them and to keep hassling singer Pig for the past year or so. Well my (im)patience has been rewarded as this album fulfils my expectations and then some. If ever the term \”hardcore punk\” needed a defining soundtrack then this is it. Decline of Mankind comes at you hard and fast, injecting power and melody as and when required.

There is some really powerful guitar work that peppers the songs with added emotional touches, and songs such as the album opener Proxy War or closer Default have catchy backing vocals that will have you singing along in no time. For many bands punk has always been a form of protest and Drunken Marksmen are no exception, as they tear into all manner of subjects in the lyrics. Wrap the album in some great artwork courtesy of Welly Artcore, add some coloured vinyl for good measure and you have yourself a great package. Tom Chapman

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