Parallel Worlds #4 (Parallel Worlds)


While it’s become almost de rigueur for the masses to proclaim some sort of passing allegiance to the “nerd” cause, a devotion that they can pick up and drop at will when the mood suits them, for those of us whose DNA is indelibly stamped with geekiness, it isn’t a mask that we can wear and remove whenever we feel like.  Being a geek, loving comics, science fiction, horror, fantasy, gaming (both traditional and digital) and all the possible futures, different realities and alternate worlds that they plunge us into, and that we happily submerge ourselves in, is part and parcel of who we are. All of those things are as much a part of life as breathing for us and we draw inspiration and reward from our passion for all of them in all of their gloriousness. Parallel Worlds celebrates, shares and revels in every aspect of geek culture. Written by geeks for geeks, Parallel Worlds is devoted to embracing, endorsing and exploring the minutia of the seemingly disparate , yet inextricably connected, facets that make up the geek universe.

This latest issue includes a noirish idea for quick fire RPG adventures (that I’m going to use, and incorporate into an upcoming Call of Cthulhu campaign), a thoughtful run down of 2019’s best horror movies, board game and fiction reviews, in depth features on Star Wars Rebels and the usage of extra-terrestrials in video games, a couple of entertaining short stories and a whole host of computer gaming related articles and interviews. While I’m hardly au fait with the latter and the mysterious universe of online games, being an old school tabletop sort of guy, there’s still more than enough (and then some) well written, informative and entertaining content to more than justify the rather meagre cover price of this incredibly well designed, easily digestible and wonderfully entertaining magazine.  The Geek is strong with this one…  Tim Cundle

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