Drowning – 23 (Demons Run Amok /Fast Break)

Chicago is not the first place I think about when I think about hardcore in the U.S. Obviously they’ve had some bands come through, but nothing to really shout about*. But over the last few years, that’s slowly been changing with the emergence of heavy hitters such as Harms Way and No Zodiac. Now you can add Drowning to that list.

This 4 piece are perhaps the heaviest of the hitters. Riffs Morbid Angel would be proud of over machine gun drums with a vocal delivery similar to J.J Peters of Deez Nuts, these guys aren’t messing around. World Of Snakes is as vicious a song I’ve ever heard, and the accompanying video shows an ultraviolent mosh pit, which I can’t say I agree with entirely. But make no mistake; they know how to write a straight up hardcore track too, dipping into Skarhead territory on Uninspired. The other downside is that they have a tendency to flirt with rap/rock-a truly horrible genre unless it’s Anthrax and Public Enemy. Fake really, really sounds, in parts, like a heavier Limp Bizkit. But redemption is not far away as My Response and U.A.S.H turn your brain to gravy showcasing them at their merciless best.

23 is hands down, the heaviest hardcore release so far this year and I can’t see it being topped. If you like Tantrum, Crowd Deterrent and the like then you need this now.…Chris Andrews

*Apart from Screeching Weasel, Life Sentence, Naked Raygun etc – Tim (Editor)

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