Doctor Who and the return of the Psychic Circus!

It’s a sequel more than 30 years in the making! Sylvester McCoy stars in a new Doctor Who adventure, pitting him once again against characters first seen in TV’s The Greatest Show in the Galaxy.  

Classic series Doctor Who writer, Stephen Wyatt, returns to pen another trip to the Psychic Circus for the Seventh Doctor, featuring the original television serial cast members Chris Jury (Kingpin), and Ian Reddington (Chief Clown).  

Doctor Who: The Psychic Circus is available now as a collector’s edition CD or on download at the Big Finish website from £12.99. 

Lots of fun for the family, at the Greatest Show in the Galaxy… 

When a junkmail robot invades the TARDIS, the Doctor gets led down an unnervingly familiar path. Meanwhile, space beatniks Kingpin and Juniper Berry just want to hitch rides and busk –until a greater purpose calls. The Doctor’s past and Kingpin’s future are entangled by malevolent forces.  

The Psychic Circus is just beginning: it may lack clowns, but it already has a Master… 


Script editor, Matt Fitton, explained: “Yes, it\’s an origin of the Psychic Circus story! So, for everyone except the Doctor, it\’s a prequel, sometime long before the events of Greatest Show. Whereas for the Doctor, it\’s a sequel to an adventure long past!” 

Writer, Stephen Wyatt, added: “I wasn’t ever expecting to revisit the Psychic Circus. When I wrote The Greatest Show in the Galaxy, I knew I wasn’t writing for the next season. I had already drafted two four-part stories for two seasons in a row on Doctor Who during Andrew Cartmel’s time as script editor, and when the series came to an end, I thought that was it. 

“So, it’s been quite a surprise and also rather nice to come back. For quite a few years I thought classic Doctor Who was dead and gone. I’ve only discovered recently that wasn’t actually the case, particularly because of the new series of Doctor Who. People who have watched the new series have gone back and discovered the older ones.” 

Doctor Who: The Psychic Circus is available now as a collector’s edition CD or on download at the Big Finish website from £12.99. All CD purchases unlock a download option via the Big Finish app and the Big Finish website. 

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