Dienamic – Afterlife

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Dienamic – Afterlife (Worm Hole Death)
Speed! That\’s the key ingredient for great thrash. That, and how it works when combined with the melodic parts. These Norwegians took the speed out of songs like \’Innocent Gun\’, \’Afterlife\’ or \’You Still Walk\’ and it\’s at these points I am rather bored, but when the bands gets crackin\’ on songs like \’Revolution for Nothing\’ and \’Dance With The Devil\’ I\’m totally alive and in love with Dienamic. The love is not lasting that long unfortunately, as the testosterone driven songs are vastly outnumbered. It\’s like that mid-­tempo Pantera blended with Testament \’Souls Of Black\’ era, and the power driven, yet less interesting songs of Grip Inc. \’Afterlife\’ is an album that can go either way if you\’re a metal head, but it\’s also one to drown among the vast number of more impressive releases. Martijn Welzen

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