Destruction – Under Attack (Nuclear Blast)

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Under Attack is the Teutonic Thrash Trio’s 14th album and they don’t seem keen to let up the pace, despite the focus being more on musicianship than the pure speed of their classic ‘Bestial Invasion’ period. Ten songs of classic European style Thrash/Speed Metal with obvious Maiden & Priest influences. The songs are fairly lengthy (only two clocking in under 4:30) but they don’t drag on thanks to the frequent tempo/riff changes and harmonic guitar breaks of which ‘Dethroned’ is an excellent example, and the occasional melodic acoustic intros so beloved of 80s thrash bands. Punchy bass and solid drumming show restraint throughout the album (no unnecessary double bass drumming) but shine through when necessary, as evidenced by Schmier’s lovely little bass segment in the powerful ‘Pathogenic’. Time to dig out the full forearm studded armband and inverted cross necklace.  Ian Pickens


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