Destination Venus – All Aboard…


Destination Venus – All Aboard… CD (Self Released
A cheeky, quirky slice of UK punk with something of a nautical theme. The opening track reminds me a 70s/80s comedy show which I can’t quite put my finger on, but it has the bounce of the Toy Dolls with a bit of a little bit of 90s Fat Wreck/SoCal sound thrown in for good measure, although the obsession with uh… Seamen, also brings to mind Scottish Metal Pirates Alestorm. Lyrically the band shies away from politics instead choosing to sing more tongue in cheek personal lyrics – more Ramones than Rancid. So if you’re looking for a little bit of good natured punk rock with a sense of humour, then check out this bunch of headers. Ian Pickens

Destination Venus – All Aboard (Self Released)
Cheeky chappy punk rock, there you go, I’ve just invented a new genre of music. These 5 coughs older gentlemen do a great job of the lighter side of punk, bringing the fun back to a music that is overloaded with anger and hate (my band included) so it‘s a refreshing change. There’s a definite American influence and I have to mention Toy Dolls as well with those catchy riffs and sing a long chorus’s and some great song titles like “Granny Is A Tranny” and “Billy No Mates”. Destination Venus have been going on and off for years and it’s a welcome back from me. This is enjoyable to listen to, not too much to think about but a feel good factor with this one, 32 minutes of fun, catch them live if you can. Paul Hoddy

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