Leftover Crack – Fuck World Trade

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Leftover Crack – Fuck World Trade CD (Fat Wreck)
Seminal second album from the NYC Anarcho Ska-Core Crusties gets the re-release treatment from Fat Wreck. It’s probably the bands most eclectic release incorporating elements of electronica, metal and folk (particularly on The World/Inferno Friendship Society collaboration \”Soon We\’ll Be Dead”; the 4 track demo version also gets a look in as a bonus track, alongside a reworking of the Choking Victim track ‘Infested’ from the first Give ‘Em The Boot comp); all of which complements the bands usual ska-melodic punk-HC fusion. Lyrically as uncompromising as ever – cops, corporations and Christ get the brunt of the attack and although lyrically I can empathise with LC, musically they’re not really my cup of tea, although “Soon We\’ll Be Dead” does hit the spot. Ian Pickens

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