Denial Fiend – Horror Holocaust

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Denial Fiend – Horror Holocaust (Dry Heave)
Now this most certainly is a platter of thrash metal ‘n’ splatter, and I don’t just mean the vinyl wax itself! Originally released in North America solely, and on CD only, the highly collectable touchings of UK based label Dry Heave have pressed up a limited swirl. Continuing the death thrash saga of mighty debut ‘They Rise’ founding members Terry Butler – bass (Death, Massacre, Obituary) and Sam Williams – guitar (Down By Law) reached out to crossover royalty when they created follow up album ‘Horror Holocaust’ in 2011. What an impact this has made to the bands already mammoth output; as adding a gruesome new edge with his unique vocalisation Blaine Cook (Accused) rips through the entirety of the seven rabid, horror themed, death/thrash abominations, adding an exclusive crossover tinge sending excruciating emphasis on the faster edge the band were now adapting. Compound that fact with Rob Rampy’s (D.R.I.) drum pummelling, and I dare you to say that this is only just another slab of splatter. The instrumental ‘Dunsmoor’ adds more chaos to the retarded demonisation this quartet serves up – brutal, sharp, and going for the throat. With a clear sound and none of the songs dragging in at lengthy timescale, the ferocity of this seminal beast is immense. Check out the artwork, just how it should be… gripping, full of character, and right in your face! If you’re quick enough you may even be able to get one of the T-shirt bundle deals along with the album before it sells out. Now, if you missed Denial Fiend first time around, well, here’s another chance… Mark Freebase

Denial Fiend – Horror Holocaust (Dry Heave)
Look, it doesn’t matter how you try to dress a band up, or what it’s called, if you thrash like thrice possessed demons and are led by the vocal attack of the Lord of the Banshee’s, Blaine Cook, then you’re inevitably going to be compared to The Accused. Which, let’s face it kids, is never a bad thing. Hell in my book, it doesn’t get much better than that, and for all intents and purposes, Denial Fiend sound exactly like a less Crossover oriented, more thrash heavy version of The Accused, albeit one with a touch of ‘Scream Bloody Gore’ era Death and Beyond Possession thrown in for good measure. When the end times come, Denial Fiend will be the house band in Great Cthulhu’s theatre of pain, thrashing like maniacs while the Elder God crushes humanity in his many tentacled grasp. Apocalyptically good… Tim Mass Movement

Denial Fiend – Horror Holocaust (Dry Heave)
Could a soundtrack to current events be anymore apt than \’Horror Holocaust\’? During the Reagan / Thatcher era, when both leaders were dictating the world order, lots of amazing punk / hardcore and metal bands came about telling us this was NOT the way. Now, in 2015, we seem to be living in similar times. Agreed, the lyrics of \’Horror Holocaust\’, might not really touch base with current events, but the power, the brutality and overall fuck­-you attitude does give way to the built up anger. Whenever you\’re feeling there\’s no future for us, Denial Fiend provide their cross­over anthems as a way out. Florida­ death metal mixed with pure thrash as well as vocal bullets fired by none other than Blaine Cook of The Accüssed and Toe Tag fame. Originally this album was only released on CD in the US in 2011, but our good friends at Dry Heave make sure our European ears can get the same treatment now. Martijn Welzen

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