Delicate Steve – This is Steve (Anti)

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There’s something wonderful about stumbling across records that refuse to be, as Patrick McGoohan so famously screamed when railing against the invisible face of authority, classified, stamped, numbered, indexed or filed. This is Steve, the latest album by journeyman guitarist Delicate Steve (who’s played with everyone from David Byrne to Built to Spill and a whole host of other cats as well) that kind of record. It’s an instrumental cornucopia that draws its inspiration from a huge variety of widely different sources, from Frank Zappa to Peter Frampton and from The Marketts to Link Wray, warps them through a psychedelic sixties garage band time tunnel before finally being blended together in an early eighties New Wave melting powered by the ambient, electronic waves of twenty first century DJ’s. This is Steve isn’t for close minded folks who are satisfied to subsist on the same musical diet, day in, day out for the rest of eternity, but if you like different, are more than a little prone to weird and are ready and willing to wholeheartedly embrace innovation and invention, then you need to meet, and spend a little time with, Delicate Steve, a man who’ll convince you that magic really does exist. Abracadabra… Tim Cundle




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