Razor Sharp Death Blizzard Release \”There Will Be Blood\”…

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Scottish hardcore mob Razor Sharp Death Blizzard recently unleashed their new video for the shattering “There Will Be Blood”.

Frontman Jamie Clark simply had this to say on the track:

\”The change is coming, there will be blood, revolution needs to come our governments are playing us for fools. The world is fucked, but we the people can rise above the scum.\”

Forged from the molten steel remnants of two of Scotland’s filthiest bands; Ridgeback and Swellbellys, both of whom in their respective genres achieved both national and international success, RSDB formed in 2014. The band draws upon the ferocious vocal talents of Jamie Clark (Ridgeback/Ninth Circle), guitarist Daz McSwell (Swellbellys/Issues Of Morality) violent wall of noise, low end rumbler Graham Paxton and the relentless percussion of Liam Roberts (Relentless).

Since releasing their first EP “Riot, Revolt, Revolution” themselves in 2015, the band have been busy making a name for themselves on the UK live circuit, with their ferocious shows and politically charged shards of punk hate. In January 2016 the band returned to the studio to work with producer Chris Fielding at Skyhammer Studios in Scotland to record their thrilling new record; “You Will Burn”. Nine blasts of furious, nihilistic noise that prises its way between The Exploited and Dead Kennedy’s like an unwelcome dinner guest.

With more live dates lining, up and journalists across the UK spitting wads of phlegmy praise at them, RSDB have come to spew songs of apoplectic rage upon blood thirsty extreme music fans across the world. You’ve been warned.


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