Death Kindly Waits For Me – Wire//Iron//Blood EP

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Death Kindly Waits For Me – Wire//Iron//Blood EP (DIY)
This debut EP is the perfect calling card for this new UK band. Three songs that manage to cover a range of sounds that would fall under the post-hardcore bracket. Taking elements of bands like Silverstein, Enter Shikari or Thursday, they add their twin-vocal thing – one screamed and one sang, drop in guitars that jangle one minute and rock the next and beef it all up with a solid rhythm section that isn\’t afraid to vary the tempo and you have the makings of a promising band. They are entering a very crowded and competitive playground so it will be hard for these lads to stand out from the crowd, but on the strength of this debut, Death Kindly Waits For Me is one to watch out for. Tom Chapman

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