Dealing With Damage – Home Security EP (Little Rocket)

Those of you who are on the ball only have to cast their minds a couple of months back to the love we showed for Dealing With Damage’s debut album. Well a mere blink of an eye later, DWD are back with a new three song EP that works perfectly as a sweet treat after the main course. Their sound hits that spot somewhere between Revolution Summer DC hardcore (Field Day era Dag Nasty meets Ignition) with a more gutsy English sound that you might expect from, say Southport for example.

The three songs on Home Security fit within that framework without worrying about sitting within any sub-genre – at the end of the day it’s all rock’n’roll – and I like it. The sound is crystal clear without being overly polished and that kinda adds to the honest feeling that these songs exude. Two originals and a surprising (but not surprising if you know what I mean?) cover of the 13th Floor Elevators tune Dust make for a great EP. It’s tasty, tasty, very, very tasty… Tom Chapman

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