Lions Law – The Pain, The Blood & The Sword (Pirates Press Records)

This is album number four from Parmentier’s most wanted, Lions Law, and for the last seven years they\’ve been one of the most hardworking punk bands out there. All that effort has been rewarded as they’ve become one of the most popular bands on the circuit. Whereas most bands will find their formula and happily stick to it, Lions Law are always introducing new ingredients to their recipe and the result is they keep their sound inventive and fresh. Touring with bands like Terror and Death Before Dishonor has had its effect, check out Roses & Fire for some pure Hardcore, with guest vocals from none other than Scott Vogel.

On other songs they marry up this tougher approach with classic Lions Law, for example, Destined to Fall is a Hardcore stomper that culminates in a big woah-woah singalong. As always there are displays of blazing musicianship such as the guitar work on Destin Criminel and PBS or the bass playing throughout. There’s a lot to listen to on here, keeping the listener engaged from start to finish. You have nods back to their musical roots, with Sablier not just sung in French but also revisiting the classic French Oi! style. They bring a lot to the mix, but it all works in harmony and the sound remains one hundred percent Lions Law. And they just keep getting stronger and stronger… Tom Chapman

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