Days N Daze – Show Me The Blueprints (Fat Wreck Chords)

If you’re as completely DIY as this \’thrashgrass\’ outfit who are punk fro their fingers to their toes, their attitude to their clothes and everything in between, it wouldn’t be the woldest leap of faith for the mainstream to assume that this bunch of maladjusted, smelly misfits aren’t exactly going to set the world on fire with anything approaching “music”. But the mainstream would be wrong. Oh so, wrong.

I love the speed, the rawness, the fun and melodies, and above all the professional way they write songs. Heads and tails my friends! Catchy, unexpect twists and all that! This is the way all songs should be written. It’s folksy and completely bluegrass at it\’s core, touches psychobilly here and there and there’s this punkvibe, that vocally reminds me of NOFX and even Bouncing Souls at time and never lets up. Not even for a moment.

Lyrically things appear to be mostly fun and games, but they do touch on more personal subjects now and then. The vocal duels between Whitney and Jesse, with some occasional added brass deliver so much more than you bargained for. After more than a decade of hard work, Show Me… (their eighth album) will hopefully, and finally, give them the boost to the net level that they so richly deserve. Martijn Welzen

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