Black Queen – The Destructive Cycle (Roman Numeral Records)

There\’s no need to play straight-up metal when you can have so much more fun creating a style which takes your listeners apart organ by organ and cell by cell. Musically, Black Queen borrow liberally from Vektor and Obliveon, latter Death and Morbid Angel and classic black metal and then add a quart of sulphuric acid to make sure that no-one will ever find the mangled corpses.

Reviewers often use the line \’this record sounds as if band A and band B had a baby\’. If you replace the often overeused offspring bit with a premonition of your horrible final hour, you get Black Queen. Some things are not meant to play well together, and I’m sure there are dozens of rulebooks designed to govern this, but here\’s the bottomline – Black Queen don’t care about the rules and if you enjoy intelligently constructed insanity, these guys are the band for you.

Madness has been our friend here at Mass Movement ever since the magazine began in 1998, and as such we’ve embraced this twisted, what could have been a soundtrack to the next Insidious film, record tightly in our greedy, bloody claws and we’re refusing to let go… Martijn Welzen

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