Darius Koski – What Was Once Is By and Gone (Fat Wreck)

Some famous person once said “You are not your job”, the inference being that there is much more to each of us than just a two dimensional career portrait.  And it would seem that’s a mantra that Swingin’ Utters guitarist Darius Koski lives by, as What Was Once Is Gone and By is as far removed from his musical day job as possible. In fact, it couldn’t put any more distance between it and his regular punk rock gig if it packed its bags, jumped behind the wheel of ’55 Chevy, planted it’s foot firmly on the gas pedal, headed East for four days straight and then proceeded to start a new life somewhere in the Mid-West. Dripping in Americana, What Was Once is a wonderful collision of Country, Blue-Grass and Roots music that’s been touched by the wild and weird spirit of Tom Waits. It’s absolutely the last thing I expected to hear from Koski, but sometimes the best things in life come hurtling out of left field and take you completely by surprise. And that’s exactly what Koski has done with What Was OnceTim Cundle

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