D/troit – Soul Sound System (Crunchy Frog)

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Man cannot live on punk rock alone, nor can he subsist solely on a diet of the heaviest of heavy metal, and so sometimes it’s nice to be able to pop outside of your scene hardened bubble and get down with your bad self.  Which is why I’ve been shuffling around the office for the last couple of hours, pretending I can dance, while the uplifting Northern Soul flavoured soundscape of D/triot’s Charles Bradley jamming with Issac Hayes , the O’Jays and Arche Bell and the Drells has been pumping out at full volume.  Brothers, these dudes will make you think you’re cooler than Richard Shaft and sisters they’ll imbue you with the spirit of Foxy Brown, because Soul Sound System puts the funk back in funky and just makes you want strut down the street like you own the world.  Soultastic… Tim Cundle

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  1. There used to be an artist’s collective in Rotherhithe (SE London) called Crunchy Frog. Housed in an old river-side warehouse. Happy, stoned and drunken days. But some excellent art got made.

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