Danny Cleaver – Trapped Nerve (Grievous Angles)

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Remember Atom and his Package?  Well Danny Cleaver is like his imaginary, meaner, harder younger brother who’s been skipping class and mainlining the Sonics, Sick Of It All and the Hives behind the bike sheds with all of the other ne’er do wells. He’s the punk rock equivalent of the kid who’d trip you up in the corridor, kick your head in everyday, steal your lunch money and then tell the teachers to “Fuck off’ just for the hell of it. Trapped Nerve, his first solo record is full of fury, energy, piss and vinegar and raw anger and clocks in in less time than it takes that ridiculous oaf Boris Johnson to tie his shoes and comb his hair. And it’s bloody marvellous, as each and every tune forces its way into your head and then jumps up and down inside your skull until you can’t help but give in, do the punk rock dad dance and attempt to sing along with the young scallywag. Atom would be very proud of him…   Tim Cundle

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