D.R.I. – But Wait…There’s More! EP (Beer City Records)


Back in 1987, when they recorded the Live at The Ritz video,  their then drummer Felix Griffin described D.R.I. as playing ‘tooth chipping thrash’; and it’s as true today as it was three decades ago. But Wait, the first new D.R.I. record in more than twenty years doesn’t deviate from their well-honed, patented Crossover formula and serves up three new pit anthems and re-recorded versions of the classics Mad Man and Couch Slouch. More akin to 4 of a Kind and Crossover than their nineties records, But Wait… is fast, it’s hard, it’s as catchy as syphilis in an unlicensed Valleys brothel and bitch slaps you upside the head in tried, trusted and true D.R.I. fashion.  Welcome back chaps, we’ve missed you… Tim Cundle


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