D.O.A. release new Trump \”inspired\” single…


Can it get worse before it gets better? Good question? D.O.A., Canada’s punk pioneers think it can get worse. So that’s why they have re-visited one of their classic tunes.

The end result is a blazing 85 second punk rock commentary on Donald Trump, not so surprisingly entitledFucked Up Donald. D.O.A., one of the top protest bands of all time take the Donald to task for anti-Mexican, anti-women, stances amongst his many other egregious ill-informed opinions. The end result will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

Joe Shithead Keithley, Paddy Duddy and Mike Hodsall, the Men of Action, obviously were ready, as they slammed this frantic piece of “Let’s fight this bullshit!” down in 15 minutes flat with producer Cecil English(No Means No, D.O.A., Jello Biafra, The Smalls).

The B side. B side? Funny in a download sense, but just as necessary in a moral sense, is D.O.A.’s version of Barry McGuire’s immortal Eve of Destruction. It’s hard hitting and of course very timely as well.



Fucked Up Donald Lyrics

You’re fucked up Donald
You’re not gonna last
You’ve spent your whole life
Just talking out your ass

You’re fucked up Donald
You’re fucked up Donald
You’re fucked up Donald
You’re fucked up Donald

He wants to be Prez
But he don’t have a clue
He’ll build a wall
And punish women too

He’ll nuke Korea
And bomb Iran
And when he cuts a deal
We’ll get scammed


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