Thirteen years on, it\’s the Cybermen vs the Fifth Doctor again!


A trilogy of Doctor Who adventures comes to an end, and Peter Davison’s Fifth Doctor is haunted by the loss of a friend as he meets the Cybermen for the first time in thirteen years.  

Two brand new two-part Doctor Who audio adventures Warzone and Conversion – are released as a single set today at  

Warzone by Chris Chapman – At Warzone, competitors gather from across the galaxy to test the limits of their endurance and achieve their personal best. So, when the TARDIS materialises in the middle of a racetrack, the Doctor and his friends must literally run for their lives. 

Conversion by Guy Adams – On the fringes of the galaxy, techno-pirates and research medics fight for the secrets of advanced extra-terrestrial technology. For the Doctor, however, a more personal battle awaits as he confronts his own guilt and the creatures that killed a friend: the Cybermen. 

The TARDIS team for these full cast audio adventures includes Tegan (Janet Fielding), Nyssa (Sarah Sutton) and new companion Marc (George Watkins).  

Conversion also reunites actors David Banks (as the Cyber Leader) and Mark Hardy (as the Cyber Lieutenant), both of whom made their Doctor Who debut in the 1982 television story, Earthshock.  

Fifth Doctor actor, Peter Davison, welcomed their return: “As I\’ve said many times, I really liked the incarnation of the Cybermen from my time as the Doctor. I think it\’s a very well-written story and both Mark and David did it really well. So I think it\’s great to have them back. They\’re not nearly so scary in real life.” 

Producer and director of both stories, Scott Handcock added: “It\’s been a pleasure working with Guy Adams on this most recent trilogy, and steering a new direction for the Fifth Doctor and his companions in the main range. We\’ve had a cracking team of writers – old and new alike – and now we round off the trilogy with two big-budget tales.  

“Chris Chapman\’s Warzone plunges our heroes into the middle of an intergalactic marathon with fatal consequences, whilst Guy Adams\’s Conversion pits the Doctor and his companions against the Cybermen once again – and is the first Fifth Doctor story to feature them in thirteen years! If that wasn\’t enough, it\’s an even greater joy to invite David Banks back as the Cyber Leader, confronting Peter for the first time since the 1980s!” 

You can now buy Doctor Who: Warzone / Conversion as a collector’s edition CD or download at the Big Finish website from £14.99.  

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