Cutting Through – A Will to Change (New Age Records)

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As soon as the bass intro to opening track Bounding Main kicked in I felt my heart start to pound a little faster, my nerve endings start to tingle and that familiar pit ready electricity began to course up and down my spine. Then the guitars hit, the beat locked in and I was airborne (well, as airborne as a forty something HC “kid” can get), finger pointing and ready to slam the second my feet hit the floor. And yes I was careful enough upon landing to ensure that my knees didn’t give out because at my age you can’t take these things for granted. From the opening chords of Bounding I was in Hardcore heaven, as Cutting Through rip through the seven tracks of Side By Side meets No For An Answer tuneage on A Will to Change in full power mode and with all systems turned up to eleven.  Cutting Through acknowledge and embrace their old school eighties influences, but remain rooted firmly in the present with an eye on the future and play some of the most immediate,  instant and catchy hardcore I’ve heard in a long time. Go! Tim Cundle

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