Crisis Talks – My Biggest Fear (Self Released)

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Once upon a time there was this awesome band called The October Country. No, not the late 60s American folk band, but a three piece that hailed from Newport, Gwent. They had more than a Cramps-y vibe about them as they obliterated South Wales music venues. Lead mentalist Dave Merrick now plies his trade with Crisis Talks; an alt-rock diversion from those heady noughties days. Their new single has just landed with an EP scheduled for later in 2018. Now, my ears are more tailored to glam, punk and garage rock, so get your subjective Worzel Gummidge head on, Ginge!

Production sheen and polish are the order of the day on My Biggest Fear as the track boasts more riff twists and turns than Jimmy Page on the waltzers. It’s big boys rock stuff with a Biffy Clyro influence having fisticuffs with Placebo. The video boasts Dave Merrick in enigmatic form and his character is still as intriguing as ever. By the time the chorus hits, you could be forgiven for thinking that you’d stumbled across a lost Muse melody.

There’s always been this vitriol in the Newport water and Crisis Talks continue the angry theme. My Biggest Fear is dark, warped and twisted, i.e. everything you’d expect from Mr. Merrick. If you like your alt-rock at its most alt and most rock, then the new Crisis Talks single is for you. Ginge Knievil

 Check out Crisis Talks here


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