Crippled Youth – Join the Fight 7” (Reissue) (Revelation Records)

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Oh man, this takes me back to my rabid, eighties tape trading days and every single time I spin it, I can’t help grinning like a sugar junkie who’s been locked in a candy store and I just want to go straight from the pizza maker into picking up change, do a little finger pointing and slam the rest of the day away. At the forefront of the mid-eighties xSxEx wave of hardcore, after recording Join the Fight when they were just kids (if memory serves me right, they were barely in their teens), Crippled Youth changed their name to Bold, and the rest is HC history. That’s right folks, this Bold’s first record, albeit recorded, and now reissued by Revelation, under their original name and boy oh boy, it still sounds every bit as good as I remember. Lightning quick,  no song breaks the 90 second barrier, Join the Fight is the sound of youthful energy, positivity and enthusiasm and while it isn’t the most technically accomplished HC you’ll ever hear, what it lacks in proficiency it more than makes up in its delivery, as you’ll be singing along to each and every tune in next to no time. Accompanied by a 28 page booklet detailing everything you ever wanted to know about Crippled Youth and more, Revelation have finally given Join the Fight the re-release it so richly deserves. You don’t want this record, you NEED this record. Go!!!! Tim Cundle

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