Heresy – Face Up To It! (Expanded 30th Anniversary Edition) (Boss Tuneage)

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Has it really been thirty years since Face Up To It was originally released? Oh man, now I really do feel old. Back in the day, that’s the eighties for those of you who weren’t there, Face Up To It! was one of the compulsory UKHC records that everyone wanted, and had, to own because no matter what anyone else might tell you, Heresy were in every UK scenesters top five Hardcore hit parade. They were an incendiary live act and had the songs to back up their fearsome reputation, but they had one major problem. The sound on their debut album Face Up To It! sucked.  While you could hear the music, the piss poor engineering was a massive let down and akin to skating the best vert set of your life only to have your deck snap in two as soon as you finished.  After three decades of putting up with that muddy, hollow sound, Boss Tuneage decided enough was enough, went back to basics and worked all kinds of sonic mastery and wizardry on the original tapes and have finally made Face Up To It! sound the way it always should have done. And by that boys and girls, I mean it sounds fucking incredible.  Packing the kind of punch that Heresy did every single time they plugged in and destroyed clubs up and down the country, Face Up To It is a snarling, rapid fire Hardcore monster that defines one of most important,  all too often neglected and vital periods in the history of the Hardcore scene.  Don’t think about it, just get it… Tim Cundle

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