Blind Justice – No Matter the Cost (Flatspot Records / Edgewood Records)

These chaps may be from Jersey, but five minutes into No Matter the Cost and I swear , they sound exactly like they were part of the late eighties NYHC scene. Channelling the fury and anger of the Cro-Mags through Leeway-esque crossover combined the groove laden power of Underdog, Blind Justice are the sort of band that you always hope you’re gonna stumble across. They’ve got Hardcore flowing through their veins, it’s in their blood and you can hear the passion, belief and love for all things ‘core in every note they play. And you can’t fake the raw energy and honesty that bleeds and oozes out of every incredible song on No Matter the Cost. Blind Justice may have one foot rooted firmly in the past, but they’ve also got both eyes firmly locked on tomorrow and No Matter the Cost is the sort of calling card that proves that the scene’s future is in very safe hands.  Tim Cundle

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