Copywronged – Fowl Up E.P (Hoods Up Records)

A hotbed for punk bands over the years, Bristol shows no sign of slowing down as it spews out its latest offering in Copywronged a band with a great story behind their name, which you’ll just have to find out for yourself when you see them live. Formed just over a year ago, the 3-piece play hardcore punk in its most natural state and new E.P, Fowl Up is testament to that fact.

The first thing that hits you about Fowl Up is the rawness of it. I don’t know if this was intentional but it really captures the live power of the band. Globalities is a furious opener that lurches in between all out groove and breakneck speed with drummer Helen, showing some great chops in between the fury. We venture into Pennywise territory with the anthemic Get Out that showcases the vocal talents of both Matt and Gav as they vie for attention. Helen once again dominates the proceeding with the d beat delivery of Betrayer accompanying a wonderfully distorted bass sound. A furious headbanger in No Statues is up next showing off that natural hardcore punk style I was talking about before finishing up with the political ranting of Change The Lies, a track that has its roots in proper old school punk, with its simple three chord delivery and shout along message.

In a nutshell Fowl Up is beautiful. It’s everything a hardcore punk E.P should be. Good songs, strong message, powerful delivery. Not bad for a band that’s still in its infancy. If they’re this good now, imagine what they’ll be like in a few years time. A frightening prospect, but one I will be keeping an eye on for sure. As should you… Chris Andrews

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