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Berthold City – What Time Takes EP (War Records) - Mass Movement

Berthold City – What Time Takes EP (War Records)

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They say “what goes around comes around” and that can certainly be said of said of hardcore and it’s various styles. Over the last few years hardcore has been riding the crest of an 80’s thrash wave, with the emergence of bands like Judiciary, Power Trip and Broken Teeth, which has been wonderful to see. But perhaps, just perhaps  California’s Berthold City are on the cusp of reintroducing  that wonderful period in the late 80’s where Revelation Records ruled and straight edge bands like Judge and Youth Of Today were the names on everybody’s lips, because that’s where the collective heart of this foursome lies.

Formed by guitarist Andrew Kline, from Judge admirers Strife who takes on mic duties, it’s evident that the years of playing next to Rick Rodney have paid off nicely. Absolutely everything about What Time Takes screams old school straight edge, from the passionate delivery of the songs to the artwork. Hell, the band itself is even named after the font used by those legendary bands back in the day. Modern day production techniques flesh out the tracks nicely and add a certain credence to their sound while musically, as you’d expect, we get four fast and furious tracks that see the band shout about the various ills of the world. Obviously we get the all-important sing along and breakdown parts that can hold their own with anything from back in the day, whilst remaining utterly vital to modern hardcore. The only problem being is that it ends too soon.

Hardcore is in a pretty good place in 2019, but it does need more bands like Berthold City, to ensure that the style of the 80’s bands and their massive influence on the hardcore scene in general, isn’t lost to time. So here’s to the next round of bands influenced by Berthold City. But as we await a full album from the boys, What Time Takes is more than worth your time as well as your money and to be honest if you don’t want, need and love this record, then you might want to start questioning your love of hardcore… Chris Andrews

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  1. Great write-up. Easily my favorite new band. Would be awesome if they would open for any of those revelation records band that are playing at the Tufnell Dome after the summer.

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