Coldstare – Bounce Back (WTF Records)

You probably not aware of this, but I’ve got a bit of a thing for nostalgia. Like Grandpa Simpson, I find the modern world confusing and pointless and while I used to be with “it” and down with all things Hardcore, I’ll be the first to admit that my days of being hip and happening are all in the past. So it’s kind of cool to stumble across a band like Coldstare who play the sort of no-nonsense metal heavy Hardcore that stamped its basketball boots and Chuck Taylors all over the scene in the nineteen nineties and are all about smash mouth chug heavy riffs, pissed off vocals and tunes that sound like they could go a full twelve rounds with Iron Mike, and then get back in the ring and do it all over again. Coldstare haven’t bought into the latest trends and fashions, whatever they may be, that have assaulted the scene, they just play good old fashioned, pit ready Hardcore and damn, they’re incredible at what they do. If Bridge Nine era Terror discovered a brace of unreleased and long forgotten Leeway songs, turned everything up to eleven and played the ever living crap out of them until their fingers blistered and their ears bled, then they’d sound exactly like Coldstare. Yeah, these guys really are that good…   Tim Cundle

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