Norwood Park All Stars – N.P.A.S. Dos! (Bam Bam Recordings)

\"\"Norcore is a new one on me. Whilst digging for some background, it seems Chicago was the place to be in the mid 1980s with its scene influenced by hardcore and glam. In 2018, Norwood Park All Stars do exactly what it says on the tin and continue to fly the flag for the region and its punkers.

If you’re thinking of a cool way to package and promote your latest CD release then you may as well not bother. Norwood Park All Stars have neatly housed a digipak within a back pocket from some blue denim jeans; complete with their Chuck Taylor homage logo sewn on. God knows how pairs of jeans this took but the result is stunning. But what about the music I hear you cry?

Here, we get 13 tracks that are equally as much Dead Kennedys as they are The Stooges. Guitars alter from surf punk to welcome, primitive, struggling licks, respectively. Along with some rockabilly and glam, it’s a mixed bag that shouldn’t really work on paper, but somehow it does. Sure, there’s nothing groundbreaking here, but then there doesn’t need to be. This is the sound of a scene that refuses to die. Wanna delve deeper into Norcore between ‘83-86? Recommended listening would be the eclectic We Weren’t Meant To Last compilation. Give N.P.A.S. some love and check it out. Ginge Knievil

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